Personal Wellness Consulting


Take a moment to think about your life. 

  • Do you feel satisfied? Content? Fulfilled? 

  • Where would you like to be?

  • What more could you do to achieve your goals? 

  • Are you ready to move towards greater enjoyment, fulfillment and happiness?

Welcome to the world of personal wellness consulting. 

Up-level your life - all areas of your life. Take a deep dive into your well-being to determine focal points for growth and development using Dr. Cannon’s 12-point assessment.


Dr. Cannon will be your personal wellness consultant and together you will create a personalized plan that will be dynamic and grow with you. Personalization, accountability and consistent review of your progress, along with actionable steps towards your goals. 

Dr. Cannon has years of experience working with people to inspire healthy changes and achieve their wellness goals. She has worked with everyone from business executives to busy parents. Dr. Cannon is a practicing naturopathic physician and certified health coach. Her wellness consulting services are separate and distinct from her naturopathic practice (though you may choose both). 

As part of your personal wellness consulting, you will meet with Dr. Cannon regularly - weekly by phone or in person - and hear from her even more. 

Have you ever wanted to have a doctor or wellness expert on speed-dial? 

As your personal wellness consultant, Dr. Cannon will be available by phone, email and text messaging daily - should you need to check healthy options at a restaurant, work through an issue that comes up or receive a burst of inspiration before a big meeting. 


This is a high-touch consulting service, and Dr. Cannon’s goal is to provide the highest level of care and service. To ensure you will benefit from wellness consulting and that it will be a good fit, Dr. Cannon requires a screening meeting with application. 


To schedule your complimentary meeting and receive further information, please email

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